Greggi G & His Crazy Gang

        Europes favourite jump jive'n'boogie band

Greggi G and His Crazy Gang have been rockin & swinging their way all acrossEurope for several years now, always enthralling audiences wherever they play. From social clubs to holiday parks, private parties to huge outdoor festivals, the Crazy Gang never fail to entertain ... In short, if you think a band would go down well somewhere, then you can be sure that GREGGI G AND HIS CRAZY GANG will go down extremely well there. If you think you've got an audience that deserves entertaining, then these guys will blow their socks off. If you think your roof is firmly fixed, then think again -

GREGGI G will do his very hardest to lift it off! .........

The Glorious Gang are one rocking rhythm outfit with two times the drive and three times the enthusiasm of what you'd normally expect , you can't fail to enjoy one of their performances. Playing a tailored mix of enthralling and lively music ranging from the 40's swing to the 80's rockabilly, their infectious style never fails to have people rockin in the aisles and filling the dance floor.
They are a band that goes down well in front of any audience anywhere in the world, and are more than happy to consider any proposals for performances.

The Gang are all based in or around London and all are talented musicians of repute, and have worked at different times with some of the best known names in the business, including:- Graham Fenton, Fats Domino, The Comets, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Tremeloes, Joe Brown, Adam Faith, Lulu, Screaming Lord Sutch, Marty Wilde, Wild Bob Burgoss And Wee Willie Harris, but to name a few.No matter what your favourite Rock'n'Roll music style, you can be assured of a quality evening's entertainment from 


This completely self-contained band consists of piano, double-bass, guitar, and drums, combined expertly into one great explosion of "not to be missed" fun and music, from jump jive to 50's classics, from boogie woogie to vintage swing. All of the 50's greats are represented in the show.

THE CRAZY GANG are natural showmen with over 25 years experience to their credit, they have appeared on national TV & RADIO, and have performed at many of the top venues not only in England but Europe as well ...Past appearances are numerous and varied, and have included:- B.B.C. Pebble Mill, B.B.C. Radio Kent, G.M.T.V., Meridian T.V., B.B.C 1 TV. Radio Oxford, Independent Radio, and Channel 4 T.V. (Spain), Radio Foyle (ulster) ,along with numerous gigs at theatres, holiday parks, hotels and clubs world wide.

GREGGI G Was once a member of the chart topping band MATCHBOX who had hits such as ROCKABILLY REBEL, BUZZ BUZZ A DIDDLE IT, MIDNITE DYNAMOS,
and many more.

Basically GREGGI G AND HIS CRAZY GANG are a breath of fresh air in today's modern world, playing with an air of innocence and simplicity that just makes you feel good. Playing the way it used to be done. For the love, and the excitement.
The energy and the thrill.                                                                      

The Rock and the Roll.

Introducing : Jamie - the Mad Professor

Born at an early age, Jamie found his way to a piano at the tender age of 7 & has been having fun ever since.

He particularly likes playing for dancers , Rock'n'Rollers, or any audience that just digs good ol'Rockin music ....